Tid Bits

For CAMP by Walmart

Smarts & Crafts is a web series created by Todd Oldham Studio for Camp by Walmart. Viewable through the Walmart app and the Eko site, episodes of Smarts & Crafts are filled with art projects as well as shorter Tips, Tid-Bits, and Equations to inspire at-home crafts and activities. I had the pleasure of designing the branding, storyboarding the script, and animating the Tid-Bits segments.

Storyboarding and Branding Drafts

Tid Bit: Dip Dying

Smarts and Crafts, Episode 1: Room Refresh. 

Tid Bit: Cathy Camper

Smarts and Crafts, Episode 2: Food Crafts.

Tid Bit: Embellishments

Smarts and Crafts, Episode 3: Fashion Styles.

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