Smarts & Crafts is a web series created by Todd Oldham Studio for Camp by Walmart. Viewable through the Walmart app and the Eko site, episodes of Smarts & Crafts are filled with art projects as well as shorter tips, Tid-Bits, and Equations to inspire at-home crafts and activities. I had the pleasure of designing the branding, storyboarding the script, and animating the Tid-Bits segments.

Tid-Bit: Dip Dying

Source: Smarts and Crafts, Episode 1: Room Refresh.

Tid-Bit: Cathy Camper

Source: Smarts and Crafts, Episode 2: Food Crafts.

Tid-Bit: Embellishments

Source: Smarts and Crafts, Episode 3: Fashion Styles.



Prior to animating Tid-Bits, I would roughly sketch out the narrative of the short in small frames based on a script. Each frame would be cropped and sequenced in Adobe Premiere with an audio file of me reading the script to review cadence.

Branding Drafts

In the early stages of the web series, I explored the different opening animations for the Smarts & Crafts brand as well as Tid-Bits. I was also tasked to create a logo for Tid-Bits. Since Tid-Bits served to share tips and tangential factoids to the episode, I wanted to represent the exchange of knowledge. I also experimented with different treatments of the logo for unique episodes.