Baker Bear

Client: Personal Project
My Role: Designer, Animator, 3D modeling, Storyboard, Sound Effects, Textures
Programs Used: Blender 3D, Photoshop, Premiere

An animation of a black bear baking away in their home kitchen.

Visual Development

Initial Sketch and Color Study

The design challenges this project posed were:

  • How can I convey a slice of this bear’s life and personality in the span of 5 seconds?
  • What elements convey a homey environment that is lived in?
  • How can I explore different constraint properties in Blender?
As design constraints, I planned a color palette inspired by confections and sweets.

Composition and Style development

Additional Final Assets

Cookies Pink sandwich cookies from earlier in the day
Cupcakes The finished cupcake adorned with a swirl of creme
Jar of Chocolate Chips A jar of chocolate chips (for assembly and snacking of course)
Photos of Bear Family Sharing is caring! A glimpse of VIPs in the baker's life