Crayon Explorations

I had the opportunity to design a myriad of molds and their appropriate packaging for Smarts & Crafts and Craft Class for Michaels crayons.

Smush Crayons

Smush crayons are composed of 10 or more vibrant hues from deconstructed crayons. The smush crayons not only explore a unique functionality, but they also act as a beautiful object.

Crayon Sets

An intersection of play set and craft tool, Crayon Sets explored eclectic shapes that represented specific themes.


In order for each crayon to be a burst of color, I selected several Pantone schemes with textile designers for each crayon shape. 3D modeling and printing were utilized to decide on scale and detailing. I concepted layers of die-cut cardboard pieces that held the crayons steady in their packaging in order to be eco-conscious. Plus, they double as stencils!